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CaxtonPress This Aint Living

“THEY were simply…A fkn mazing! Salute…follow this collective…Awesome PEformance! Flawless, putting USA acts to shame”

Quoted by Chuck D of Public Enemy.

Caxton Press are a London based Hip Hop group consisting of two rappers Manage and eMCee Killa, alongside rapper/vocalist
Amy True [also voted best female Hip-Hop artist 2012 by Wordplay Magazine]. The group name derives from the first printing press in England introduced by William Caxton during the 1400′s. Whilst in the process of recording their second album, Caxton Press have continued to stay active on the live circuit with their acclaimed stage shows backed by DJ Snuff and the 5-piece band Unexpected Guests. Headlining events across the country, as well as supporting honorary Hip Hop legends such as Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Ultramagnetic MC’s, People Under The Stairs and The Pharcyde, gaining many fans in the process including a certain man by the name of Chuck D when they supported Public Enemy at Koko, London.

Following the release of their first album Shame The Devilin March 2012,Caxton Press have progressed very rapidly, having most certainly staked their claim amongst the UK
Hip Hop scene, and firmly seeded a growing international fan base. Towards the end of 2012 the debut LP ‘Shame The Devil’ was voted ‘Best UK Hip Hop Album’ of 2012 by Wordplay Magazine in their readers choice poll. Following that they were approached by the British Library to have the album submitted into their records for generations to come as part of their Sound and Culture exhibit.

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